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HaPpY bIrThDaY tO JoShUa !!

Good and blessed Sunday to everyone!
Today’s post is very special for me. It’s been three years since my little one Joshua came to this world, his arrival was unexpected because it wasn’t the time for him to arrive, almost one month before due time! But he was perfect by then, he looked like a nine months newborn baby, his weight was 8 3/4 pounds … He was born on Wednesday 6, September of 2006 at 1:20 in the afternoon … here’s two pictures of him just minutes after his birth …

Following pictures were taken when he was six month old … doesn’t he look beautiful? I love these pictures of him :

He looks like a little angel in white! :)

this was using his pajamas …

and this one, ready to take a shower –I always loved Joshua with long hair :)
And this is something I made for him on his special day

I made this elephant using an AccuCut die.

I always thank God for my little ones, Ethan and Joshua, for they bring so much happiness into my life, I also ask my Lord to keep them healthy, safe, in HIS way and happy!! :)
This is how Joshua looks like right now …

Enjoy your day as much as I will …

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