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Archive for November, 2009

Merry Christmas card …

Good Monday girls! hope your weekend was really good and restful :)  … Mondays are super busy for me but before bury myself in supermarkets, orders from clients and all that, I want to share just a little something with soft colors I made last night, just after my little ones went straight to bed …DSC08788

This Monday-November morning is cloudy, rainy and very cold,  have I told you that I love cloudy and rainy days? Yes! I do.   Specially when kids are home and we watch the cartoons together :)  — I know is not winter yet but it is cold outside …  and it feels like a lazy day!



I have to tell you that I was inspired by Peet Roeven when making this card, I just love the one she made and wanted to give it a try…:)

Well that is all for today I’ll have more cards soon,  have a great day and thanks for stop by today!

Another Merry Christmas Tag …

Happy Thursday everyone!  Yes, I am in Tag mood lately … I love making them, they are so easy to embellish and look so charming, plus they are the perfect touch for any gift!   Here’s my last creation …


I am sure most of you have  heard and seen Melissa Phillips‘ work, she is one of the ladies I admire the most when talking about paper crafting stuff.  She is the best!   But not only her work is amazing, I love reading her posts, she always has a story to tell … and that’s why I enjoy reading them, she always picks up the “right” words for every occasion, not to mention that she writes with her heart in her hand … following is something that she wrote and I want to share with you:

“Happy is the heart … that sings Christmas carols, laughs and smiles with her family, creates what her hands love, enjoys the sunshine on her back, and whose heart is ever so thankful for life :) I promise my life isn’t perfect….but I love to focus on the things each day that make it wonderful, special, happy, and unforgettable. I am truly thankful”



I really hope you are getting inspired with these tags I am making for all of you … Thanks for visiting me today and for all your comments!!

A “Bear Christmas Tag” …


Good Tuesday everyone! Let’s welcome November … I’m in the mood for this Holly Jolly season—I just knew it would happen.  One of the many things I love about this time of year….the emphasis on being thankful. I’m already feeling it—the desire to be more grateful and appreciative for my family and my many blessings.    Here’s a small tag I made for one of my next classes …



I should be doing a few other things at the moment—but I’m indulging in some “me” time for about 10 minutes—set the timer, haha.   Okay, another closer view of this beautiful “Christmas Bear” tag  :)


Well….I can hear my time is up :) –Hope you’re all enjoying your Tuesday!

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