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A Tool Box invitation for a Little Builder on the way …

Good and bless day peers!

Yes, it’s been a long long time we do not see :) –Well, as you must know it’s been for a good reason, we are FULL FULL of work and unfortunately haven’t had even a second to post our latest designs and works. But today is different.  Most of our clients always get back to us with satisfied comments about invitations received and how beautiful they are and so on, but I JUST GOT this one from Kathleen Liro, one of our customer which we shipped invites like 2 or 3 weeks ago, and now she is writing back again to let us know this, which for sure filled our hearts with much joy:

Odette – I just wanted to let you know that the invitations were beautiful!

I have already sent them out and EVERYONE is commenting about how cute and wonderful they are!

Thank you for doing such a great job on them and for being so patient with me!  I have referred your business and will be happy to have you make some more invites for me again!!

Kathy Liro

This is the design we made for Kathy:

These following pictures are details on the making …

Lots of DETAILS!!   ThIS is exactly what makes us different from the REST!!

This baby shower will be celebrated soon

Package ready to go ….

Thank you so very much for visiting, we’ll try to keep posting frequently!



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