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Minnie Mouse Gift Card invitation …

I think this is the cutest Minnie Mouse invitation …

This invitation opens to reveal wording text and also the Gift Card included inside. In this particular case, the girls were going out for some shopping.

This “cute real lace” is meant to be used by the girls during and after the birthday party.

Remember that colors can be changed to suit your needs …

Remember that due of lack to time we’re not updating our blog as it should be. For daily updates, visit our INSTAGRAM account.

A big thanks for visiting!



Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Invitations …

Good morning all!

How cute is this?

This is an invitation that will hold a “Gift Card” –In this case the girls will go out for some shopping as a courtesy of the Birthday Girl. Wording text is on the other side of the Minnie’s face.

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Minnie Mouse Purse Invitation …

Good afternoon everyone!

I Think I have fallen in love with this CUTIE Minnie Mouse invitation!  They are just the perfect entrance to start celebrating the birthday of your little girl.

As consumers we want to be able to see clearly the products we buy online MOSTLY because they are not something we can hold and inspect.  This is the MAIN reason why we take much time taking our pictures, so you can appreciate all of the details, layers and textures of our unique and luxury handmade invitations.

This invitation measures:  6½ inches from bottom to top (with hangers), and 5½ inches wide, and opens up to reveal wording text inside.

Thank you for watching,

XO, Odette

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