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Tinkerbell Invitations

These are the beautiful invitations we made for Gabriella, on the celebration of her 1 First Birthday Party!!

Her parents made a beautiful “Tinkerbell” party for her today, March 24th at Kid’s Castle in Brownsville, TX today.

This is the sample we made …

And these are the real ones, so unique and full of handmade details …

We really appreciated doing business with Gabriella’s mommy!

Thank you all for visiting!


TinkerBell Invitations

Hello all!

Today I bring you these Tinkerbell invites we made specially for Little Sofia on her 5th Birthday Party.

I used to love Tinkerbell when I was a little girl, so to make these invites for me was very special because reminded me those sweet days.

These are the inserts that have all the information of the party and they go inside the box.

Remember to contact us if you have any questions or need our products, we’ll more than glad to help you and work with you.

See you soon,


A TinkerBell invitation for Laura Odette …

Good Sunday everyone!

What little girl hasn’t dreamed to be a fairy?  Well, I met this beautiful and sweet little girl named Laura Odette, yes! She has my name too :)  —Laura Odette is like the majority of  little girls and adores fairies and all things pretty and magical.   So for her birthday I wanted to create an invitation party that was “little girl sweet” and of course magical.  This is what I designed to be her “Shabby Chic Fairy Invitation”:

I didn’t have enough time to take photos of the whole package as I usually do, there were 100 invites waiting to be mailed out, and “anxious” parents to have them home :)

Above  fairy box held the below invitation inside …

Such an adorable party!!  I personally love princess,  fairies and all those adorable magic characters, don’t you?

I really thank Sahah and Josh, Laura Odette’s parents, for trusting my work for this special event.

Have a fabulous week friends!



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