Handmade By Odette, LLC

Manufacture of exclusive sample for a customer

Important information:

  1. Custom or exclusive samples are made at the request of the customer, if we don’t have the item you are looking for or if you want some variation to an existing model.
  2. The advance to make the sample is US$50.00 (Fifty dollars with 00/100), which is deducted at the time of formalize the order, but it is non-refundable.
  3. The customer informs us the budget available for the preparation of the sample, the theme, colors and details that she/he wants to take and any requirement in specific, if they do. Equal the amount of invites they want. (Even estimated)
  4. The sample shall be made within a period of two weeks maximum, counting from the day in which the deposit was made.
  5. After made the sample and taking into consideration what we mentioned in no. 3, very detailed photos will be sent to the client for approval. This sample is not delivered to the client.
  6. Only one change will be made to the sample as per client’s request, when necessary.
  7. The customer should give us a response within a period of 5 business days after we send the sample, either to make a change or to confirm the order by depositing the remaining to complete 60% of the total because we only guarantee the price of the sample within the time limit. After this last date, it will be subject to further revision, by changes in the prices of our suppliers.
  8. If after 10 days the client does not give us a response from the sample made, they lose the deposit and we publish it on our website.
  9. If the customer wants to see more samples to have more options to choose from, they have to make another payment of US$50.00 (Fifty dollars with 00/100) for each sample, applying the same rules that we have here stated, to each one. In this case only the amount of US$50.00 (Fifty dollars) will be deducted from invoice at the moment of the 60% payment.  The reason for this is that we won’t use or give those samples to anyone any more.
  10. Details of our account: Under our name Handmade by Odette, LLC — Account Number 928607290 at Chase Bank.
  11. Making the deposit for the sample(s) is synonymous of acceptance of our terms and conditions by the client.

Thank you for choosing our services

Odette Martinez